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Introducing our brand new glitter gel polish, "Christmas Cracker'! Get ready to light up the holiday season with this explosively colorful and unique creation!

This one-of-a-kind shade has been meticulously crafted, blending a dazzling array of glitters to create a look that is truly incomparable. From vibrant reds and greens to shimmering silver pinks and blues, "Christmas Cracker" is the perfect festive fusion that will make your nails stand out at any holiday gathering.

Christmas Cracker

  • • 20ml gel polish

    • 1 bottle can achieve up to

    110 sets

    • Highly pigmented, rich

    colour gel polishes

    • Easily soaked off in


    •Long lasting up to 4

    weeks with no chipping

    • Medium viscosity

    •Swatched lid

    • Non shrink and non


    •LED and UV curable

    • Not tested on ani

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