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Our stunning builder gel in Butterscotch. Our builder gels are a range of gels which can be used to create strong lasting overlays which increase the nails natural ability to grow. You do not need to add a base or primer saving you extra pennies and time ;) butterscotch is the perfect nude base for any nail art.


    • 20ml builder gel 
    • No need for base or primer saving you pennies
    • 1 bottle can achieve up to 25-65 sets
    • can be infilled or easily soaked off in acetone
    • increased flexibility which means your nails are less likely to break
    • can be worn on it's own or finshed with a gel polish colour.
    • Highly pigmented, rich colour builder gels
    • Easily soaked off in acetone
    • Long lasting up to 4 weeks with no chipping
    • Medium viscosity
    • Swatched lid
    • LED and UV curable
    • Not tested on animals
    • Vegan
    • Eco friendly

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